Fabrication of Flare System Design Components


Complete Flare Design Fabrication Services

Flares and Stacks is capable of more than maintenance. Flares and Stacks also offers fabrication services for a host of flare stack component systems.

Retractable Pilot Systems

Retractable Warning Light Systems

Retractable Thermocouples

Flares and Stacks Fabricates Retractable Pilot Systems

Retractable systems for flare pilots can be designed and fabricated for compatibility with most manufactured pilots. With a retractable pilot system in place, a pilot needing repair can be easily changed out for a temporary pilot. This insures that the flare will not have to be shut down while repairs are being made.
When a pilot needs to be changed out and there is not a retractable pilot system in place, it is still often critical that the flare remain in operation. Flares and Stacks also manufactures temporary pilots that can be lifted from the ground with a crane, and is set into place by a procedure that is executed with all employees safely on the ground.

Flares and Stacks Fabricates Retractable Warning Light Systems

FAA warning light systems are required on any structure above 200' tall, and that includes flare stacks. Flares and Stacks uses 310 stainless steel for retractable warning light systems fabrication, including hoist and guide cabling. The benefit of having a retractable warning light system is purely for ease of maintenance of the lights, and being able to replace them immediately when one goes out, ensuring the system can be kept to FAA expectations at all times.

Flares and Stacks Fabricates Retractable Thermocouples

For both elevated flare system design and for ground flare system design, Flares and Stacks designs and fabricates retractable thermocouples. Retractable thermocouples allow end users to change out thermocouples safely and easily, and yet again this is another worthwhile system to have in place for the sake of overall efficiency, and confidence in controlling this critical gauging system.

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