Guy Wire Rope Inspection Services


Extending Guy Wire Life With Effective Maintenance

Guy wires are constantly in motion and under considerable stress. These wire ropes are continuously exposed to all external hostile elements throughout their entire service life. Frequent professional examination along with annual tension servicing and oiling is a must to ensure safety, preventative maintenance and proper service life of these wires.

Flares & Stacks has designed and offers an efficient and safe manner to professionally inspect, service, and evaluate all guy wires with our remotely operated guy wire climber and automatic oiling system.  As our special guy wire maintenance machine climbs each guy wire, our light weight, synthetic lubricant penetrates throughout the innermost guy wire strands helping to preserve and enhance their expected life span.

Our guy wire rope specifications service which features a recommended annual maintenance program leads the industry. Flares And Stacks, Inc. rope inspection and service is second to none.

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