FAA Exemption 333 Approval

The X-8 MultiRotor Aircraft has been put to work. With GPS stabilization this aircraft provides the best platform for aerial photography on the market today. Also with plenty of reserve power this aircraft will operate in winds as high as 25kph and a recommened payload capacity up to 6lbs.  

Turbine Powered Rotor Craft Is Here

Our R&D department has uncovered a new jewel in the world of UAV's, which is a rotor craft that is turbine powered. This means clearer photos taken with more precision. We began surveys with this craft the first week of September 2006.


Cutting Edge Technology for Guy Wire Maintenance

The next generation in guy wire maintenance is here, the G3 robotic guy wire machine. This machine not only cleans and lubes the wire it also inspects the internal stands using EMP technology. F&S has been selected to present Conoco with our cutting edge inspection equipment at their annual "Fixed Equipment and Inspections Conference" in November.

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