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Responding to Your Immediate Equipment Emergencies.

Flares and Stacks now offers a free temporary flare and equipment program that includes our entire fleet of temporary equipment.

The F&S Rental Fleet includes everything from mobile tripod flares to full size 400' tall guy wired structures. Flares and Stacks offers a full line of rental flares ranging from 6" diameter to the world's largest 48" diameter. Included in our rental fleet are several knockout drums and liquid seals that will fit nearly all applications.

We also offer hundreds of feet of header and utility piping to complete a turnkey package.

Flares and Stacks offers a unique temporary pilot system which can be installed from the safety of the ground.

All Flares and Stacks rentals include all necessary equipment for ignition as well as meets all FAA and EPA regulations.

Flares and Stacks understands that during that unexpected emergency outage you need an immediate response. Realizing this, F&S is proud of its ability to respond and mobilize quickly 24 hours a day.

For More Information
Call Flares and Stacks at 281.356.1408 or Email us at flaresandstacks@aol.com 



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