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Guy Wire Services

Guy Wires

Guy wires are constantly in motion and under considerable stress. These wire ropes are continuously exposed to all external hostile elements throughout their entire service life. This is why all wire rope and bridge strand manufacturers agree that all maintenance programs should include inspection, lubrication, and proper tensioning every 18-24 months.

Flares and Stacks has designed and offers an efficient and safe manner to professionally inspect, service, and evaluate all guy wires with our remotely operated guy wire climber and automatic oiling system. Modeled after NASA’s guy wire climbing machine, our custom, in house built and designed guy wire maintenance machine climbs each guy wire, allowing our lightweight, synthetic lubricant to penetrate throughout the innermost guy wire strands helping to preserve and extend their expected life span. This service is offered for both bridge strand as well as wire rope.

If your guy wires are past their expiration, Flares and Stacks can safely replace your wires and tension them to recommended specifications.

MRT Guy Wire Inspection

Flares and Stacks is proud to announce the addition of Magnetic Wire Rope testing to their services, specifically for Guy Wires. Leveraging state-of-the-art technology, they can now conduct MRT inspections which enable internal inspections of bridge strand or wire rope from top to bottom. This innovative offering ensures optimal safety and performance for your guy wires.

Frequently Asked Guy Wires Questions

Guy wires are essential for providing stability and support to tall structures such as communication towers, flare stacks, and utility poles. They counteract the forces of gravity and external factors like wind and seismic activity, preventing structural failures and ensuring the safety of personnel and surrounding areas. Understanding the critical role of guy wires is vital for industrial facilities.

Identifying the need for guy wire maintenance or replacement involves regular inspections and assessments. Signs such as visible corrosion, tension imbalances, or wear and tear are indicators that maintenance is needed. Consulting with experts who specialize in guy wire servicing, like Flares and Stacks, can provide a thorough evaluation of the condition of your guy wires and offer guidance on the appropriate maintenance or replacement actions to ensure the stability and reliability of your structures.

Guy Wires Maintenance Articles

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Guy wires are essential components that provide stability and support to various structures, including towers, antennas, and utility poles. These critical elements must withstand diverse environmental conditions to maintain their structural integrity. Weather conditions can significantly impact the performance and longevity of guy wires, necessitating regular […]

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