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About Flares and Stacks - Dependable Flare Systems Company

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As a leading flare systems company, Flares and Stacks excels in providing comprehensive services for flare systems and equipment maintenance. Our expertise in the field of flare systems is evident in the range of services we offer.

At Flares and Stacks, our primary focus is on flare systems. We have developed an efficient tip refurbishment program specifically tailored for flare systems. In this program, we inspect and rebuild flare tips to manufacturer specifications, backing our work with a three-year warranty on refurbished tips. Moreover, we specialize in the fabrication of retractable systems designed exclusively for flare systems, including pilots, thermocouples, and FAA warning lights. These systems ensure easy maintenance while keeping your flare systems in compliance with regulations.

Quality Service Matters

For flare systems, don't settle for anything but the best. When it comes to safety and reliability, our dedication to flare systems extends to guy wires services. We have designed a custom-built maintenance machine that safely inspects, lubricates, and extends the lifespan of the guy wires crucial to the stability of your flare systems. We also offer services to safely replace and tension guy wires when needed.

For inspections, we utilize innovative technology such as remote-operated aerial platforms, providing a bird's-eye view of your flare systems. These aerial inspections are tailor-made to address your flare systems' concerns and are always accompanied by comprehensive reports. In times of emergency, we can also perform online flare services, swiftly addressing issues with your flare systems to keep them operational.

In the realm of fabrication, Flares and Stacks is renowned for its expertise in stack and component fabrication for flare systems. We specialize in retractable pilot systems, retractable thermocouples, and FAA warning light systems, all designed to enhance the efficiency and maintenance of your flare systems. Additionally, our revolutionary temporary hook pilot system allows you to maintain compliance with state and federal regulations without taking your flare systems offline during unexpected outages.

With a flawless safety record since 1998, you can trust Flares and Stacks to respond quickly and mobilize 24/7 for all your flare systems' needs. Our extensive field services cover everything from tip rebuilds and burner replacements to new stack construction and custom PM programs, making us your ultimate partner for the maintenance and optimization of your flare systems. Call Flares and Stacks when you need a flare systems company.

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